Battlefield – Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 is a game heavily emphasizing destruction as a consequence making props became very time consuming. The project started out by having all artists go over all the old props from the prequel and raise the quality as well as optimize them which took a couple of months. After that we started production of new props.

Here are some of the more prominent props I made during my time on Bad Company 2.

Zero Dark Thirty City

Snowblind Satelite Dish and Communication Station

Sangre del Toro Dessert Ship

The old shipwreck set is another big prop piece I made featured on many levels.

Sangre del Toro Castle

Sangre del Toro Castle were probably one of the biggest contributions I made to the game. The player enters the castle through a dried out sewer/canal and is attacked from above. Later on the player makes his way up through an alley followed by a marketplace. Next the player advances to a tower were he faces of with a HIND helicopter.

Operation Aurora Submarine

Laguna Presa Dam

Miscellaneous props

After working on Medal of Honor for about a year I came back to work on the Vietnam expansion pack for Bad Company which were released on December 2010.

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