Payday The Heist

In 2011 I worked on the multiplayer coop game published by SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) called Payday the Heist that were released on Steam and PlayStation Network. Running on the old Diesel Engine (same as Bionic Commando, Ghost recon 2) and working with only a small team I think we succeeded in delivering a product that impressed many on SOE and E3 where we won several awards while competing against bigger brands like Modern Warfare and Battlefield.

Working with a small team meant I everybody had to do a lot of different thing. My primary responsibility were optimization to keep everything running as smooth as possible on the PS3 by keeping track of memory and frame rate.

Apart from this I also miscellaneous tools and shaders In order to simplify and streamline the workflows as well as track asset memory cost and validity.

Some of the more prominent work I did on Payday was the environment for some levels.






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